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Co-Operative Software  Smart (online), Rs.103,200

Co-Operative Software Smart (online), Rs.103,200

Short Description:
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Product Description

 Additional features of banking software

Day Closed

Approved Transaction

Mature Report

Cash/Vault System

KTM Form

Mobile Application


Cloud Backup/Local Backup

Online/Offline Update

Auto Backup System (Server & User Computer)

Full Network Solution

SMS Banking

Loan Loss Provision (Nepali)

Payroll System

Pearls Analysis

Cash Flow

Cash Book

User Access Control System

Backup & Restore System

Auto Interest Transfer System

Share Dividend Calculation

Data Migrate System (From Any Software)

Periodic Deposit Slip Printing

Auto/Manual Voucher System

Share Certificate Printing System

Internal Accounting Transfer System

Phone Book Memory & Daily Reminder System

Lock & Unlock Fiscal Year System

Lock & Unlock Days / Day End System

Nepali & English Calendar (English, Nepali & Both)

Daily Loan Install & Deposit Maturity Report

Auto Co-operative Division Report

Auto Co-operative CopoMis Report

Cash Denomination & Teller/Vault System

Administrative & User Management System

Photo & Signature Verification System

User Wise Cancel Transaction

Date Wise Mature (Loan/Deposit) Report as on Open

Bank Reconciliation

Chart Khata Report (Nepali) as Co-operative Division

Report as Grid, View & Graph Chart

Report Export Excel, Word & PFD Format

Passbook & Error Record Check System

User History Check (Delete, Modify & Entry Data

Deposit Interest Calculation System (Daily/Monthly/Min Balance/Fixed Base)

Loan Interest Calculation System (Fixed/Diminishing)

Maintain Remitance A/c

Weightage Report of Deposit

Cost of deposit/V.Ratio/CRR/CD/SLR

Daily Financial Condition

Condition of Deposit

Condition of Loan