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About Us


Gateway Shopping is a holding company of Gateway Portfolio Investments Company Pvt. Ltd, which is a promising investment management and investment services firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base which includes corporations, financial institutions, entrepreneurs and individuals. Founded in 2018 with the slogan “Diversified your Investments”, the company aspires to become a leading firm in investment banking activities in Nepal.
On the backdrop of huge amount of professional experience of its management, along with its proven track record in the field of finance and investments, the company aims to consistently provide superior returns to its investors. The company seeks to rely on its expertise in the capital markets to capitalize on investment opportunities and arbitrages to generate higher returns at minimal risk. With a potent combination of experienced, Knowledgeable, Dynamic and highly motivated team members.


“Be a leading investment management firm by introducing innovative financial products along with professional fund management services in Nepal that will make significant impact as well as help promote the country’s capital market.


In our journey to become a leading investment management firm in Nepal, we shall not compromise on and hold the highest value to providing:

Superior returns to shareholders

Exceptional service to clients

Outstanding dedication to employees

Corporate Responsibility to Society

Ethical Values

Though financial irregularities at firms in Nepal have been a common phenomenon in the past, we would like to emphasize that we are extremely opposed to such ideologies and behaviors. Being true to our values, we would like to promote a progressive corporate culture that values our investors, clients as well as our community, and holds them with the highest integrity. To promote and maintain a great corporate culture, we are dedicated to abiding by the following values:
Ethical decisions
Good judgment
Fiduciary responsibility
Avoid conflict of interest

Company's Investment

To provide exceptional returns to investors, we maintain a diversified portfolio of different investment vehicles. We make sure to have the right balance in our portfolio that comprise of liquid investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, interest bearing accounts) as well as Non-Liquid investments (real estate, fixed deposits).
Financial Advisory
We provide wide an array of financial advisory services to clients:
Corporate Advisory
Securities/Industry Research
Valuations/Due Diligence Audit (DDA)
Business Plans
Taxes & Retirement Planning

Investment Management

With increasing scope as well as demand for professional money managers, we see a great future for such fund management services. Hence, we are in plans to provide Portfolio Management Services (PMS) along with other wealth management services to interested clients.

Strategic Ventures

Representing the ‘sell side’, we are also involved in Private Equity/Venture Capital financing, where we search for lucrative ventures. This type of financing provides highly skilled entrepreneurs with essential funding required to enhance their businesses, all the while offering exceptional return potential for investors.