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Accounting Software Marg ERP 9+ Silver Edition, Rs. 28,547

Accounting Software Marg ERP 9+ Silver Edition, Rs. 28,547

Gateway Services Software
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MARG ERP 9+ is an on-premise ERP solution used by small, midsize and enterprise businesses. It offers different modules customized to the needs of retailers, distributors and manufacturers in a variety of industries. The solution offers android apps for customers, storeowners and suppliers. Modules offered by MARG ERP9+ include order management, purchase management, production planning and costing and inventory management. It also offers distribution module for multiple industries, including pharmacy. The retail POS module includes inventory management, reporting, integrations with e-commerce platforms, touch POS, barcode scanners and integrations with logistics platforms. It also offers sales force automation with reporting on things such as activity, attendance, daily sales etc. Other features include a financial account with IT-ST auditors’ reports, multi-location inventory management, operator wise powers and boundations, challan and counter sales and currency symbols. Pricing to license the platform varies with features and number of users. Support is offered via phone

Features Marg ERP 9 +

Multi companies

Multi locations (godowns)

Multi currency

7 layer backup protection

Integrated sms and email alerts

Data transfers from old softwares

Manual and video helps on click

Self defined formats, reports, fields

All reports in pdf,excel,csv,rtf & xml

Operator wise menu & hot keys

GST return in excel, csv & json